We work on a success basis, which means we don`t charge upfront fees. Until your case is resolved, you are not responsible for the costs. Instead of worrying about how to pay a personal injury attorney in South Florida to defend your case, you can focus on recovering your life while we focus on your legal justice. If you live in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in South Florida or have been injured while visiting the area, we will give your case the time, consideration and tenacity you deserve. Since 1996, Samuel Yeboah has practiced law in North Carolina and Florida. With over two decades of experience, he knows all aspects of personal injury law, as well as the specific types of injuries and cases unique to the Fort Lauderdale/South Florida area. This practical and practical knowledge means that our firm is not only familiar with all the legal complications specific to a personal injury case, but is also well connected to the legal community in the region. Knowing the right people can make a huge difference in one case, both in terms of expert testimony and others. Being a respected member of the community also means that Samuel Yeboah has built lasting relationships, both with clients and other professionals. Use their empathy to work for yourself. Cuenta con nuestro equipo en el fiel y leal desempeño de nuestra profesión, siempre buscando soluciones a tus problemas legales.

Everyone applies for jobs, and everyone is rejected at some point in their career. However, the basis for these releases is important. Florida and U.S. laws prohibit the rejection of applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, physical ability, age, or sex. If these laws are clearly violated, it not only harms the potential employee who is not offered the job, but also reinforces societal norms based on outdated and malicious bias. Employment discrimination can extend beyond hiring to job growth, performance evaluations, and even areas as simple as planning and benefits. Legal assistance is available to hold people accountable for their outdated and illegal practices. Also, the workplace doesn`t always have to be an absolutely serious place, but when humor crosses the line of verbal or physical sexual harassment, employees have legal rights. Whoever was harassing you, from the business owner to a client, if their statements were inappropriate or prevented you from completing your work, contact our South Florida discrimination attorneys to discuss your recourse options.

El cumplimiento de las leyes es una tarea de todos, es nuestra consigna el fomentar la civilidad y la armonía social, evitar las injusticias y difundir los derechos y las obligaciones de los ciudadanos. Brindamos asesoría legal en las distintas áreas del derecho que practicamos. Our seniors deserve a safe and comfortable retirement where their physical and emotional needs are met, and the majority of seniors` care facilities are extremely competent and caring. But if your parent is experiencing difficulties, whether medical, financial, physical, sexual or otherwise, it may be abuse in nursing homes. This kind of insight can be terribly painful for family members. Because of the subtlety of the signs of these types of problems, it is important that the legal team involved is aware of the complexities of abuse law in nursing homes. Maybe you or a parent was hurt through no fault of your own. In some cases, this is due to a pure accident. Often, however, the cause is the negligence or negligence of another party.

Another person`s acts or omissions can result in damage, pain or even death. In these cases, the person at fault is legally liable, and a personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale can work to ensure your interests are better served. Examples of bodily injuries we frequently treat include: If a procedure or treatment is performed without proper consideration or precaution and your family member is the patient, our lawyers will take care of your legal affairs while you and your family work to heal them. If you or a loved one has suffered medication errors, birth injuries, or other physician mistakes, our medical malpractice attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are ready to get the compensation you need for all your injuries. Te asesoramos en el ámbito administrativo para que puedas estar al día con las exigencias legales al respecto. Comercio al por menor en tiendas de abarrotes, ultramarinos y misceláneas Have you ever been in front of an accident, even a collision, and did you only think about delays in your travel time? Car accidents have become so ubiquitous and frequent that many people feel accustomed to the dangers and pain caused by these events. These accidents always result in human costs, whether in the form of time, money or physical suffering. Litigation can provide relief. Te asistimos en lo concerniente a responsabilidades penales y civiles, en caso de denuncias o acusaciones, a fin de que sean debidamente esclarecidas e investigadas.

Recibe asesoría en el ámbito mercantil, pagaré, letra de cambio y en el derecho privado que incluye todas las normas vinculadas a al desarrollo de labores comerciales. Perhaps you have experienced a situation that does not clearly fit into one of the above categories. You may think it`s been too long since the incident in question. Wondering if you even have a case? These are all common concerns of our customers, which we have successfully resolved. Contact Yeboah Law Group to schedule a meeting to determine if you have a case and if we are the best possible representation for you. You can call us at 954.764.2338 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We are proud to serve customers in South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Key West and throughout Miami-Dade. Te brindamos asesoría en todo lo relacionado al Derecho Civil, cuenta con nuestra asistencia profesional y personalizada en todos los campos.

Cuenta con acompañamiento en aspectos como determinación, liquidación, pago, devolución, exención, prescripción o control de créditos fiscales y las leyes tributarias. No esperes más y acércate a nosotros, con gusto te atenderemos y solucionaremos todas tus dudas. It is a fundamental value in the services of our company, know us and you can trust us. Share your opinion if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about this company. Do you think the information presented here is false? Do not hesitate to contact us. He has our service in aspects such as adoption, alimony, custody, divorce, separation, marriage, alimony among others. Life can change in one case and if it does, you need a lawyer to take care of you and defend you. We serve Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties whenever you call We help with the relationship between companies and workers and resolve any discrepancies between them arising from the exchange of work for wages.

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