(Please refer to the MOM website for the renewal process at: www.mom.gov.sg/workplace-safety-health/applications-registrations/competent-person/renew-certificate/Pages/workplace-sho-renewal.aspx#criteria renewal requirements for WSHOAny certification WSHO wishing to renew its certification as a WSHO from 2005 onwards must receive at least 40 SDUs during the renewal qualification period, including at least 20 SDUs. are exempt from participation/participation must be acquired. in structured activities. The remaining SDUs can be obtained from structured or unstructured activities. The applicant must submit a total of 40 Security Development Units (SDU points) for successful renewal of registration (20 Category A SDUs) + (20 Category A, Category B SDUs or both). However, if you wish to renew your certificate after more than one year, you can renew your licence if you meet the following conditions: Training to obtain UDS for the renewal of WSHO certification We are pleased to announce that a number of training courses offered by SCAL have been accredited by the Ministry of Labour (MOM) as “structured activities” for health and safety officers, UDS for the renewal of registration certificates. Details about our courses can be found for your information. Click on the courses for more details. At least 60 days before expiration. You will receive a renewal notification by email.

Any WSHO wishing to renew its WSHO certification from 2005 onwards must obtain at least 40 SDUs during the renewal period. Applicants must submit a total of 40 Security Development Units (SDUs) to successfully renew their registrations. Applicants must submit their renewal application at least 2 months prior to the expiry of their current Certificate of Registration. WSH Agent Registration Renewal Process An OHS whose certification has expired and who has accumulated no or very few UFS must receive sufficient UDSs before renewal can be considered. Recognized in-house training relevant to WSHO for safety, health, professional development, legal or regulatory affairs. (Presenters` resumes should be similar to category 1(a) or 1(b). For more details on CV requirements, see Accreditation Framework) Not all training provided by Learning Service Providers (LSPs) is suitable for structured SDUs. You can check with language service providers or the CPD Board of Directors at 6777-5185. bizSAFE Training and bizSAFE Certification Requirements Reinstatement of rights after certification expires. 1. Increases revenue: Many customers prefer to work with companies that have strong WSH systems and practices. A bizSAFE certificate also helps you expand your business opportunities, as it is often an important requirement for contracts and tenders.

2. Increase quality assurance: bizSAFE can help your customers ensure that your company`s products and services are provided by employees who work in a safe and healthy environment and improve your company`s brand image. 3. Improve business efficiency: Participation in bizSAFE training programs can help reduce safety and health incidents that result in significant delays and financial loss. This allows the company to be more efficient and productive. The activities structured under the Ministry of Occupational Health and Safety (OHSM) continuing professional development program are: Minutes of monthly WSH committee meetings and information sessions. For WSH patent holders, copy of the patent certificate. For authors and editors of WSH publications, copy of your articles. Study abroad courses or seminars are generally considered unstructured activities, unless the course organizer provides details of the foreign course or seminar programme for review and evaluation prior to the start of the course or seminar. Certification is not renewable after expiry. Up to 7 weeks after submitting all required documents Recognized conferences, short courses, conferences, workshops and seminars As part of the CPD program, all MSOs must continually improve their knowledge and skills to keep abreast of new professional developments and practices and apply new ideas and practices to their work or areas of expertise. This ensures that WSPs can continually add value to the organizations they employ.

(a) Member of the boards of local health and security institutions or competent governmental authorities. For example: At Assure Safety, we have a team of highly experienced bizSAFE consultants to support your business throughout the bizSAFE journey. bizSAFE Star: bizSAFE Star certification is valid for 3 years from the date of approval. The expiration date is marked by the expiration date of the organization`s ISO 45001/SS651 certification. Copy of the training plan or certification letter from an accredited training provider. bizSAFE Level 1: To begin the bizSAFE journey, your company`s management must attend a half-day bizSAFE Level 1 workshop hosted by WSHC Approved Training Organizations (ATO). In the bizSAFE training workshop, participants will learn about their legal obligations under the WSH Act and how to develop a WSH policy that includes the obligation to manage terrorist risks in their workplaces. bizSAFE Level 2: Your organization must designate a Risk Management (RM) Champion to participate in the 2-day Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) course Develop a risk management implementation plan or occupational safety and health (WSQ) workforce skills qualification (WSQ) control measures offered by training organizations approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Council.

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