New Legal Metrology Inspector Examination Program: Objective type test consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions by:-i) Subject(s)/area(s) assigned prescribed as essential qualification(s) in the R&P rules and communicated in the call for tenders. अब HPSSC के Latest Inspector Legal Metrology Exam Syllabus में कुल 200 questions पूछे जाते है और कुल 100 Marks का Exam होता है जिसमे subjective 1200 और General knowledge जिसमें General knowledge about Himachal Pradesh, Current Affairs, Everyday Science, Logic, Social Sciences, General English & General Hindi जो matric या 12. Standard के होते है 80 Question पूछे जाते है Computer ● Internet use.● Windows.● ● MS Word.● MS Excel.● Computer software and hardware● MS Office.● Introduction to computing.● Internet.● PC and office software.● MS PowerPoint.● Workplace productivity tools.● New technologies and web publishing.● Database management system.● Boolean algebra.● Computer networks.● Data structures Download the Inspector`s 2021 Programme of WBPSC Legal Metrology and start with exam preparation. Candidates who have applied for the position of Legal Metrology Vacancy Inspector can now download the 2021 WBPSC Legal Metrology Inspector Syllabus from the official website in Candidates can also view the WBPSC 2021 Legal Metrology Inspector Examination Template via the West Bengal Civil Service Commission portal. Go through the topic completely and clearly. Then, complete the other topics and make a review of the important topics of the 2021 program of the West Bengal Legal Metrology Inspector. If you design your preparation according to such a pattern, you will increase your confidence by answering the question during the main exam. Interested and eligible applicants must have already requested notification. Candidates who have also started their preparation can go through the WBPSC Legal Metrology Inspector Programme 2021. The review will be scheduled for the coming months. Candidates can use the time and prepare based on the 2021 program of the West Bengal Legal Metrology Inspector.

Take a copy of the WBPSC 2021 Legal Metrology Inspector Exam Template with you to get an idea of what you need to prepare. The total duration of the exam is 90 minutes. Candidates must complete within the allotted time. No further time is granted. Physics has 50% weight in review paper.

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