In our 20th year, important work has been done in response to unprecedented crises, including the U.S. response to the Indian peasant protest, the tragic mass shooting in Indianapolis, and the dissemination of information in Punjabi about the COVID-19 vaccine. We also worked to pass the first federal hate crime law in 12 years, recorded a record number of legal admissions (including cases to ensure adequate PPE for Sikh doctors), and celebrated the life and legacy of Balbir Singh Sodhi. We provide legal assistance to Sikhs who have experienced discrimination or prejudice because of their religious beliefs. A Sikh taxi driver was attacked and insulted at New York`s JFK airport, with his attacker calling him a “turban man” and telling him to “go back to his country.” The Sikh coalition intervened to provide free legal assistance to the driver, whose attacker was arrested and charged with a hate crime. January 10, 2022 (New York, NY) – Do you have a passion for civil rights? The Sikh coalition is currently hiring two full-time positions in our legal department: staff lawyer and senior counsel. October 5, 2022 (New York, NY) – Last Friday, lawyers and law students joined the discussion on fundamental civil rights issues facing Sikhs and other underrepresented groups at the Sikh coalition`s second virtual law conference, Achieving Justice for All. The Sikh coalition has positively resolved important cases of religious discrimination against the federal government, Autozone, Disney, Lexus and the NYPD. In addition, he successfully advocated for the U.S. military and pushed through a policy change that allowed Sikhs to serve with their turbans, unshorn hair, and beards intact.

The legal team directly supported victims and survivors of hate crimes against Sikhs across the country. It was not until 2016 that the work of the Sikh coalition`s legal team was featured nationally and internationally in media outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fox News, NPR, etc. Please send a CV, cover letter and sample by email to with the subject “Legal Scholarship Application”. We celebrated our 10th anniversary with another important legal victory that allowed California Sikhs to enforce their articles of faith in prison. In New York City, we introduced the landmark Religious Freedom in the Workplace Act and launched our Sikh Advocate Academy, which launched a long-term program to empower community leaders to lead local civil rights initiatives. Our resource for asylum seekers and Sikh lawyers, developed with our consultant at Stanford Law School`s Religious Liberty Clinic and Harvard Law School`s Religious Freedom Clinic, with support from community experts. We won a revolutionary legal victory that doubled the number of religious shelters for Sikh soldiers. We protected the history of Sikhs in California and passed an anti-bullying law that protects minority children across the state. We won a long case of workplace discrimination on behalf of Sikh truck drivers and launched the Sikh Project, which trained 20 million Americans.

We hosted the first one-hour episode on cable focused exclusively on the American Sikh community, reaching 745,000 Americans in 24 hours. We also won two other groundbreaking educational victories in Colorado and Arizona, allowing Sikhism to be accurately taught in schools for the first time. We have remained on the front lines by providing free legal advice to more than 200 members of the Sikh community struggling with prejudice, hatred, discrimination, bullying and religious rights. If you have been discriminated against and would like to report it but do not need legal assistance, please report it via our ReportHate tool or FlyRights. Under Amrith`s leadership, the Sikh coalition`s legal team successfully advocated for religious shelters and biased bullying in schools, defended victims of hate crimes, and provided timely legal services. submitted public comments to numerous federal agencies on fair interpretations of their policies, as well as testimony before the EEOC on emerging discrimination issues in the workplace, including those arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and drafted several amicus curia letters, which were cited by SCOTUSblog as “observation petitions.” It also coordinated with local and state law enforcement agencies to provide cultural competency training focused on the workplace and the public. Housing-equity. Recently, Amrith oversaw the Sikh Coalition`s collaboration with Harvard Law School Religious Freedom Clinic and Stanford Law School Religious Liberty Clinic, resulting in an initial report and such practical guide entitled Well-Founded Fear: Understanding Legal Challenges and Best Practices for Sikh Asylum Applicant and Their Attorneys. We were the lead partner #ActToChange of the White House AAPI in a new national anti-bullying initiative and won another major legal victory in a Disney World discrimination case.

We have seen an increase in hate crimes as we have worked to allocate even more resources to combat the problem. Nirmal Singh, an elderly Sikh man visiting Queens from India, was attacked when he struck in the morning. The Sikh coalition was hired by Mr. Singh and his son to provide free legal assistance, and we partnered with the NYPD to share video evidence and ensure the case was eventually recorded as an anti-Sikh hate crime. Lord. Singh`s attacker was eventually arrested in connection with other attacks and charged with multiple hate crimes. We spent our first few days desperately trying to give a voice to the Sikh community while learning at work how to defend our rights professionally. We were knocking on the doors of congressional offices, hunting for legal services to help Sikhs in times of crisis, and working mostly nights and weekends because there was no financial support for our work yet. “As a legal collaborator of the Sikh coalition, IÂ had the opportunity to draft letters of complaint, pre-litigation documents and press releases. conduct research on a wide range of legal issues; Know the specifics of litigation strategy and media representation; cooperating with law enforcement authorities on hate crimes; connect with community members; and work with a wonderful team of passionate and dedicated people. I am grateful to have been able to learn from a team of social justice advocates who are creating an incredible amount of positive change.

Amrith Kaur Aakre joined the Sikh coalition as General Counsel in August 2017. In this role, she focuses on highly effective litigation and oversees all legal work while leading initiatives to protect the civil rights of all Americans in areas such as workplace discrimination, hate crimes, bullying in schools, racial and religious profiling, general religious rights, and political issues. Each page containing legal and policy initiatives describes the work of the Sikh coalition on behalf of a particular cause or client. If you believe you have been discriminated against or biased and would like legal aid from the Sikh coalition, please complete the admission form below. As the largest Sikh civil rights organization in the United States, the Sikh Coalition represents individuals (on a pro bono basis) who have experienced discrimination or prejudice because of their religious beliefs or Sikh identity. Lawyers from both posts will provide direct legal assistance and advocate on behalf of Sikhs in major litigation. Our areas of work include hate crimes, discrimination in the workplace, schoolyard bullying, profiling, public places and other forms of religious discrimination. We provide legal assistance to Sikhs who have experienced discrimination or prejudice because of their religious beliefs or Sikh identity.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality legal services to each of our legal cases. We therefore selectively accept a limited number of cases based on our ability to provide a high level of quality services. We do not accept all possible legal questions. The Sikh Coalition Legal Program is looking for a highly motivated lawyer to join our team for three to six months to provide direct legal assistance and advocate for Sikhs who have been discriminated against or biased because of their religious beliefs or Sikh identity. These include hate crimes, workplace discrimination, bullying in schools, discrimination based on religion, profiling and other forms of discrimination. In addition, both lawyers have the opportunity to work with a dynamic, professional and experienced team that is considered by law firms and other civil rights organizations as leading legal experts in the fields of racial and religious discrimination. You will also work with major law firms, non-profit partners, government agencies and law school clinics as a co-advisor.

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